Duties and Taxes

The impact of international finance on the supply chain is a critical issue that is far too often overlooked by supply chain executives.  Learn why duties and taxes are crucial to understanding the true cost to serve in complex global supply chain networks.

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International Supply Chains

Learn how to deal with the hidden costs and complex data of international supply chains in order to get a true picture of the costs of globalization.

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Supply Chain and Big Data

More and more these days we are hearing about "big data" challenges and opportunities.  So what exactly is "big data" and why should supply chain professionals care about the idea?

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Johnson & Johnson Case Study

Healthcare consumer packaged goods giant Johnson & Johnson (“J & J”) is always on the lookout for ways to streamline and improve production. Using INSIGHT technology, J & J was able to streamline manufacturing and distribution in seven European countries resulting in $5 million in savings, while retaining extraordinary levels of customer service.

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Toyota Case Study

After 3 decades in the US, Toyota found itself with an out-of-date network of warehouses that couldn't support the exponential growth in the number of dealerships.  Using SAILS, Toyota discovered it could save $2 million by reconfiguring its distribution network.

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INSIGHT SAILS (Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems)

Learn about INSIGHT's SAILS (Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems) software, a rigorous supply chain network modeling tool with sophisticated optimization engines.

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Learn about INSIGHT's Integrated Enterprise Strategy product, the first tool to incorporate all corporate operations simultaneously, including procurement, manufacturing, ditribution and marketing.

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INSIGHT Transportation Optimizer Server (ITOS)

Learn about INSIGHT's Transportation Optimizer Server (ITOS) module to augment your TMS and capture additional savings by finding opportunities to use TL, TL with stopoffs, pooling and dedicated fleets.

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